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Having both visited Italy in the late fifties and early sixties my wife and I had found a unique atmosphere, of history, friendship and gastronomic delights that was unmatched elsewhere. Having traveled Europe and beyond we yearned to return on a full time basis and in anticipation of greater ties married in Italy in 2000.

We spent the next couple of years looking for a new home and searching for a region that was undiscovered by tourists, yet alive and truly Italian. We believe that in Lunigiana we found the “Hidden Tuscany”, lying between the Apuane Alps and the Appennines, an un-spoilt area that retained the real Italian atmosphere.

With a background in both building and travel industry, in 2002 we followed our dream and acquired our first village home in Tuscany. It did require substantial building work but became the basis of Hidden Tuscany. This was followed by further village properties in the region and we have now been providing holiday homes since 2003.

With established good local connections and English speaking staff we can offer you a unique opportunity to experience the authentic Italian lifestyle or just a holiday away from it all. 

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