Terms & Conditions

1 The properties known as the Main house and the Studio, Casa Canoa, Rometta and the Main house and the Studio Casetta Sissi, Gassano, and Casa Fina, Gassano, all located in Tuscany, Italy, (“the Property”) are offered for holiday rental/hire subject to the following conditions and written booking confirmation by Hidden Tuscany (“the Owners”) to the renter (“the Client”).

2 To reserve the Property for a rental period, the Client should complete the on line booking procedure and make either an initial non-refundable deposit payment, which shall comprise twenty five percent (25%) of the total rent and security deposit; or full payment for reservations made within sixty days of the start of the rental period. Following receipt of cleared payment the Owners will e-mail booking confirmation and if appropriate notify outstanding balance due and these terms and conditions shall become effective. The number of overnight occupants shall not exceed that stated on the web page in respect of each unit.

3 The balance of the rent, together with the security deposit (see clause 4), is payable not less than sixty days before the start of the rental period. The Owners will e-mail the client with details of amount due at that time. If payment is not received by the due date, the Owners reserve the right to give notice in writing that the booking is cancelled.

4 A minimum security deposit of £100 for studios and £150 for houses is required in case of damage to the Property or its contents and to discharge heating supplement. A security charge of £200 is required for a rental period in excess of two weeks. The sum reserved by this clause shall not limit the Client’s liability to the Owners and the Client on demand shall settle any additional claims. The Owners will account to the Client for the security deposit and refund the balance due within two weeks after the end of the rental period or on receipt of the keys whichever is the later.

5 Cancellation of the booking is only effective when written confirmation is received of the Client’s wish to cancel. The following charges will apply to all cancellations:

  • More than eight weeks before rental period 30% of full rental i.e. loss of deposit
  • Six to eight weeks prior to arrival 50% of full rental
  • Four to six weeks prior to arrival 60% of full rental
  • Two to four weeks prior to arrival 85% of full rental
  • Less than two weeks prior to arrival full rental

The above cancellation charges also apply to holidays that are foreshortened after they have been booked.

6 Subject to clauses 2 and 3 above, in the event of a non-insurable cancellation, refunds of amounts paid will be made if the Owners are able to re-let the Property and any expenses or losses incurred in doing so will be deducted from the refundable amount. The Client is strongly recommended to arrange a comprehensive travel insurance policy (including cancellation cover) and to have full cover for the party’s personal belongings, public liability etc, since these are not covered by the Owner’s insurance.

7 The rental period shall commence at 4.00pm on the first day and finish at 10.00am on the last day. The Owners shall not be obliged to offer the accommodation before the time stated and the Client shall not be entitled to remain in occupation after the time stated.

8 The Client agrees to be a considerate tenant, to take good care of the Property and undertakes not to reposition, damage or injure the Property, its furniture and furnishings, to afford all necessary protection to avoid damage by cutting, staining, burning or similar and not to remove any item from the Property. The Client furthermore agrees that at the end of the rental period to clean all equipment utensils etc and leave the whole Property in a clean and tidy condition. Not withstanding the foregoing the Owners shall arrange professional cleaning at their cost, however if the Property is left in an unacceptable condition the Owners reserve the right to make a retention from the security deposit to cover additional cleaning costs. The Client also agrees not to act in any way, which would cause disturbance to those residents in neighboring properties.

9 The Client shall report to the Owners, or local contact specified in accommodation, without delay any defects in the Property or breakdown in the equipment, plant, machinery or appliances in the Property and arrangements for repair and/or replacement will be made as soon as possible. All damages and breakages must also be notified as soon as possible to the Owners, or local contact and are the legal responsibility of the Client and their cost shall be refundable on demand or shall be deducted from the security deposit clause 4 above. Gross misuse of services will also be the legal responsibility of the Client and their cost shall be refundable on demand or shall be deducted from the security deposit clause 4 above.

10 The Owners shall not be liable to the Client:

  • For any temporary defect or stoppage in the supply of public services neither to the Property, nor in respect of any equipment, plant, machinery or appliance in the Property.
  • For any loss, damage or injury which is the result of adverse weather conditions, riot, war, strikes, or other matters beyond the control of the Owners.
  • For any loss, damage or inconvenience caused to or suffered by the Client if the Property should be destroyed or substantially damaged before the start of the rental period and in any such event, the Owners shall, within seven days
  • notification to the Client, refund to the Client all sums previously paid in respect of the rental period.
  • Under no circumstances shall the Owner’s liability to the client exceed the amount paid to the Owners for the rental period.

11 Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the representation contained in the promotional material describing the Property and its surroundings is accurate, this has been made in good faith and neither these nor any oral representations made by the Owners, employees or representative of the Owners will create liability on part of the Owners.

12 The Client agrees to secure the property when it is not occupied during the rental period and undertakes to secure the property at the end of the rental period turning off any supplies as directed by the Owners.
This contract shall be governable by English law in every particular including formation and interpretation and shall be deemed to have been made in England. Any proceedings arising out of or in connection with this contract may be brought in any court of competent jurisdiction in England.


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